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JELQ Device Review

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JELQ Device
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JELQ Device
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JELQ Device Review

Want to perform penis exercises? You won't believe the difference that the JELQ Device can make. The JELQ device has been designed to work with the bodies natural ability to adapt to help you achieve a longer and thicker penis.

Jelqing is a penis exercise said to date back to ancient Arab times when a father would show his son a 'special exercise' to increase the size of his manhood. The JELQ device has been specifically developed to aide and improve the effectiveness of the Jelqing penis exercise.

Rather than relying on you performing the correct technique and intensity with your hands every time you are now able to use the JELQ device for bigger and faster gains.

The device utilizes the latest technology to help ensure that you are always 100% comfortable using the device. Some people think it looks painful to use but that is far from the case, you will be surprised at just how natural it feels.

By using the JELQ device you can experience gains in your erect penis length of up to and beyond 2 inches. However, if you want to add girth as well, you are advised to purchase another product from the same company: Penis Master. Although JELQ device let you perform jelqing penis exercises, you cannot use it for other forms of penis exercises like Kegels, girth penis exercises, oriental massage, etc.

JELQ Device Forum

In addition to this JELQ Device review, we invite you to read and discuss everything about JELQ Device in our forum. Although there is a complete Penis Exercises Forum, you can take advantage of real JELQ Device reviews and unconstrained discussion right in the JELQ Device forum! Find out what real people think about JELQ Device and share your own experience with this penis exercises.

Latest messages in JELQ Device forum:

Author: Donald from NV

I am using jel-q device for three months and gained an inch.

Author: Matthew from LA

Simple and easy device. Not painful.

Author: Anonymous from JELQ Device forum

Will it be painful to use this device?

Author: Gibson from LA

I saw a huge increase in size and confidence.

Author: Adalwen from Germany

Absolutelly useless and inefficient device

JELQ Device forum

JELQ Device Rating

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